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Winter Carpet Cleaning – What’s the Big Deal?

Why Winter Carpet Cleaning? Well, every winter, it’s the same old song. The snow falls, the roads become a mess and the City crews distribute salt and sand throughout the streets.

Safety comes first. However, all that salt and sand gets tracked inside and makes a giant mess of our carpets.
Any local business can attest to the struggle of trying to maintain a clean environment for their customers and staff. The sweeping and mopping of tiles and laminate flooring never stops. Vacuuming seems endless. All of this in the name of maintaining a clean and healthy-looking business.
Even with the seemingly never-ending maintenance, our carpets somehow manage to get salt stained and damaged much faster than they should. What are we to do?

Don’t Wait to Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Many businesses don’t see the need to have their carpets professionally cleaned during the winter months. In theory, this makes sense. Your carpets are going to get dirty anyway. So, why not wait until the winter madness is over to hire a professional carpet cleaner?
Well, for starters, professional grade carpet cleaning removes far more dirt than your everyday vacuum. Not only is the difference noticeable, but your carpets will last longer. If this doesn’t convince you, there are many other benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner that should not be ignored.

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Benefits of Winter Carpet Cleaning

Health – All the dirt and sand being tracked onto carpets creates many allergens and pollutants that affect air quality. With the amount of time we spend indoors during the winter months, one would assume our intake of poor quality air is higher than ideal.
Easier to Maintain – The simple logic is that the more dirt builds up, the harder it will be to remove. Not to mention, the longer it sits, the more likely it is the stain. Routine professional cleaning will help reduce build up and make your daily carpet cleaning that much easier.
Less Damage Over Time – Not only will dirt build up make it harder to clean your carpet, it will cause damage. All the small dirt particles in your carpet are like little shards of glass cutting away at the carpet fibres. Less build up will cause less damage.
Save Money – Less damage means your carpet will look great for much longer. Routine professional carpet cleaning means that the need to replace your carpet will be fewer and farther between. Thus, saving you money in the long run.
Our winter’s can be a lot of fun. But, they can be long and grueling and can do a number on our ability to maintain a clean and healthy environment. A routine professional carpet cleaning will contribute to a happier and healthier winter season for your customers and staff.
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