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Why Choosing a Locally Owned Cleaning Company Matters

Winnipeg’s janitorial/cleaning services industry is currently dominated by large national or multinational corporations rather than a locally owned cleaning company.
These cleaning companies boast that your business will be cleaned by one of their “proud business owners” or “proud franchisees”.  The purpose of referring to people as “proud business owners” and “franchisees” is to instill the belief that their clients are supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in their own city. This, however, is not the case.

Here is what is really happening…

These corporations require franchisees to pay virtually half of their profits in royalty fees. They also contractually force the them to buy all their supplies and equipment from the franchiser. Labeling someone as a franchisee is also a very clever method of circumventing the need for the corporation to pay Workers Compensation rates, Ei, CPP, or any other benefits.
Franchisers also make lucrative sums from these “owners” by charging buy-in fee’s. All of these buy-in fees and royalties are siphoned out of our city into other provinces or countries.
Janitorial cleaning is not a glamorous profession but it is a necessary service for most businesses. The health, safety and aesthetic benefits alone make this profession an essential piece of the economic puzzle. Most commercial cleaning companies are largely staffed by immigrants and people who have come to Winnipeg hoping to create better opportunities for themselves and/or their families. Supporting a local company keeps all the money local and also supports local suppliers, which in turn, makes us stronger as a community.
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