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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services Winnipeg

At Eshine Cleaning Services, we offer commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning to businesses and restaurants in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba, Western Ontario and Saskatchewan. If you operate a commercial kitchen, you know the importance of kitchen exhaust cleaning. We will ensure that your kitchen passes all inspections and meets NFPA 96 Standards. We are fully MFS certified to handle even the most difficult jobs.

What is Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning?

The process of Kitchen exhaust cleaning (or kitchen hood cleaning) removes grease that has built up inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. The number one issue many businesses have with exhaust systems is maintenance. If left uncleaned, a kitchen exhaust system can become a major fire hazard.

Exhaust systems must be inspected regularly to determine whether cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated.

Scheduling regular kitchen exhaust cleaning is integral for any commercial kitchen. Failure to maintain your kitchen exhaust system can result in fire and safety concerns. Also, it can lead to significant penalties or fines.

eshine Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services Include:

Safe dismantling of commercial kitchen exhaust hood

Removal and cleansing of grease receptacles

Reassembly of exhaust hood

Cleansing of build up from hood filters

Safe disposal of liquid grease

Spray and scrape of hood surface

Be Sure to Hire a Fully Trained and Certified Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

Our team is fully trained and certified to clean your kitchen exhaust. We train our staff in the latest grease removal and hood cleaning methods. We fully clean your kitchen exhaust system so that it’s compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard-96.

What is NFPA Standard-96?

NFPA 96 provides preventive and operative fire safety requirements intended to reduce the potential fire hazard of both public and private commercial cooking operations. (Source –

The NFPA 96 Standard includes ventilation control and fire protection of commercial kitchen equipment such as the kitchen hood or canopy and duct systems. Failure to comply with these standards can result in kitchen closures that ultimately cost your business money. A fire caused by grease buildup can not only cause expensive damages, they can result in potentially fatal injuries.

Importance Of Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance

In conclusion, routine maintenance and cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system is necessary for operating a commercial kitchen. The potential for an accident is too great of a risk. Ultimately, it is not worth any money you think you are saving by putting it off.

If you are a business owner in Manitoba, Western Ontario or Saskatchewan and in need of commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning or for a free quote, contact the experts at eshine Cleaning Services today.

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