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Floor Cleaning Services

Trust in eshine for all your floor cleaning services. Keep your hard surface floors looking their absolute best. Every floor type requires specific care in order to highlight their bright and polished textures. From tile and ceramic floors to vinyl and other floor types, our qualified professionals will customize our floor cleaning services to fit for your business.

Not only will eshine help maintain your business’s professional appearance, we also use top quality floor cleaning supplies that improve your floors resistance to slips, ensuring the safety of your employees and guests.

Strip And Wax Floor Care

Bring back the shine to your floor. We are here to take your dull, scratched floor and bring it back to life with our strip and wax floor services.

Do your floors look like they have seen better days? Are you thinking of replacing your vinyl tile flooring? Our strip and wax floor services are designed to give your floor a vibrant, clean, and polished look that will leave your customers and guests impressed from the moment they enter your establishment.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified to produce a polished and durable result.

Other Floor Care Services Include:

Routine maintenance



Grout Cleaning

With years’ of experience and a crew of highly qualified staff we have the ability to service hospitals, schools, community clubs and many other types of facilities.

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Our janitorial service staff work relentlessly to ensure that all services are performed with precision and care while holding up to the highest industry standards. We consistently deliver above expected results that you and your guests will appreciate no matter the occasion.

Every business has its own set of needs and cleaning requirements. When you contact Eshine, we perform our due diligence to determine your unique circumstances and provide you with a customized cleaning solution. We will develop a professional cleaning service plan that fits your schedule, budget and overall best interest. If your business requires daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, you can count on eshine Cleaning Services for unbeatable results.

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