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Is technology reshaping commercial cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The unprecedented effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been felt by virtually all industries-from healthcare to hotels, from food and beverage to aviation. But nowhere has the pressure from the pandemic been felt more acutely than in the commercial cleaning industry. As the pandemic continues to rage in countries around the world, the demand for reputed cleaning companies and innovative cleaning solutions has also seen an upsurge.


Commercial cleaning used to be a largely invisible activity. But with the pandemic having raised the stakes to life and death, cleaning has had to keep pace. Innovative solutions backed by technology have become the way forward. Whether it’s airport lounges and hotel rooms or hospital wards and restaurants, management and customers both demand a higher standard of safety and sanitization. This has meant that cleaning is no longer just for appearance.


When it comes to commercial cleaning, technology has helped ensure minimum contact or contactless cleaning. Here we have listed some innovative measures taken by cleaning companies that are backed by technology:


Robot Cleaners


As cleaning has become more urgent, the need for speedier solutions has also increased. The robot cleaners can be programmed with cleaning routes that make them a virtually no-touch solution. Some robot floor scrubbers also come equipped with UV lights which help kill viruses even more effectively. These robots are easy to train and can be used for floor scrubbing, window cleaning, and vacuuming.


Electrostatic sprayers


With workers adjusting to the heightening demand for cleaning across industries, solutions that help reduce the cleaning load are especially valuable. Electrostatic sprayers use state-of-the-art technology to sanitize surfaces by applying an electrostatically charged mist of commercial-grade disinfectant. The best part is there is no need for wiping down the surfaces after applying the sprays. This has helped reduce cleaning time and minimize touch.


Self Cleaning surfaces


The surface type determines how long a virus remains on it. Viruses live for longer durations on certain surfaces like plastic and steel. Whereas surfaces made of silver and copper tend to kill viruses quicker. As the pandemic continues, new technologies are being researched and developed that are more effective in killing viruses. NitroPep is a product that is currently in development that has the ability to kill viruses within minutes. Self-cleaning surfaces made of the material can be a game-changer for commercial cleaning and make a significant impact on workers’ cleaning load.


UVC lights


As the pressure on cleaning staff has increased, so have the chances of human error in commercial cleaning. High traffic areas and high contact surfaces and objects are particularly affected by inefficient cleaning. In order to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, high traffic areas in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and offices have to be sanitized multiple times a day. And while managers have put protocols and rules in place for cleaning, it’s not a full-proof solution. That’s where UV-C lights can make a big difference. High contact items like hotel room keys, telephones, remote controls, office stationery, keyboards, laptops can be placed in a box with the UV-C light. Ultraviolet lights clean harmful pathogens by 99.9 percent making them an extremely valuable cleaning solution for commercial cleaners.



Drone Cleaning

Cleaning drones were earlier utilized mainly for exteriors of hotels and buildings. But in the wake of Covid-19, companies have now developed sanitization drones that help to clean large indoor spaces like gyms and auditoriums. Larges areas like stadiums and movie halls can be cleaned in a matter of minutes while keeping cleaning workers safe from toxic chemicals and disinfectants


The Way Forward


Scientists have claimed that it will take years to completely eradicate the novel coronavirus. In the meantime, effective commercial cleaning solutions will continue to be in high demand. Already exciting new technologies like Electrochemically Active Solutions (ECS), cold air plasma systems, high-pressure carbon dioxide are being developed to tackle the virus more effectively. As customers continue to demand enhanced safety protocols, regular janitorial staff will not be able to tackle the cleaning load alone. Businesses are looking to commercial cleaners for deep cleaning and innovative technologies. And they will have to deliver on both quick turnaround time and efficiency.


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