Consumer Choice Award Winner and Top Choice Award Winner 2 Years in a Row

Consumer Choice Award Winner and Top Choice Award Winner 2 Years in a Row – And How We Rose Amidst the Challenges of Covid-19

We are honoured that our company has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the 2020 Growth List published by Canadian Business. While this achievement has been wonderful, it also gives us great pride that our janitorial services helped us receive Consumer Choice Award and Top Choice Award for two years in a row.

While we have been accelerating our foothold in the industry, at Eshine Cleaning Services, we always put our customers at the center of everything we do. As Canada’s premier janitorial and commercial cleaning services company, we have continued to deliver on our promise of quality and safety practices while exceeding customer expectations.

“Always prompt and thorough,” “committed to the highest level of safety practices with the utmost regard for everyone’s health,” “Eshine has consistently delivered on the promise of hygiene and cleanliness,” – these are just some of the rave reviews from our growing list of happy customers that make us excel at what we do.


Thriving amidst turbulence

From being a locally founded commercial cleaning services company in 2012, Eshine Cleaning Services has grown exponentially over the years with offices across Canada.

The year 2020 has been anything but easy for individuals, businesses, and the industry as a whole. While the health crisis triggered an economic downturn, our top-rated janitorial services company has not just survived the turbulence but has continued to grow and thrive. We made it to the 2020 Growth List with exceptional team effort, leveraging our core strengths of strong leadership, resilience, and a positive mindset. Our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and service excellence has helped us come out on top through the tough times.

Above all, we are extremely grateful for the exceptional support we have received from our customers and the community on the whole. The continued trust that you, our valued customer, put in us has helped us navigate the tough times. Your trust inspires us to overcome challenges and go beyond the usual to exceed your quality and service expectations.


At the forefront of the war on COVID-19

The pandemic put the spotlight on cleaning and disinfection practices across hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, retail stores, and government correctional institutions while underscoring the need for adopting best practices in safety and hygiene. In the new normal, businesses have had to double their efforts in terms of office cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces while adhering to health guidelines.

Eshine Cleaning Services has been at the forefront of the war on COVID-19 and has been quick to respond to the needs of businesses while strengthening our commitment to health and hygiene.

We took up the necessary courses and certificates to train our staff to respond immediately and effectively to disinfect contaminated work areas.

We also launched our specialized COVID-19 disinfecting and coronavirus cleaning services in Winnipeg that involved creating a tailored commercial cleaning services plan for businesses.  Our streamlined cleaning protocol involved a thorough cleaning of the establishment and using a hospital-grade ULV fogger, approved by Health Canada and EPA, to disinfect all surfaces. Our customized COVID-19 disinfecting plan for workplaces serves to safeguard the health of employers and employees while going a long way towards preventing the spread of the virus.


We could not have achieved what we have without your continued support, patronage, and trust.  We assure you that our guiding values will continue to inspire us to place your needs with respect to cleanliness and well-being above everything else.

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