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Areas in the Office You Didn’t Know Require Professional Cleaning

A tidy workspace is essential for promoting the wellness and productivity of your employees. It will also help you project a positive work ethic to your current and potential clients. So, it is extremely important that you keep your office neat and clean.

Keeping your floors and visible surfaces squeaky clean and frequently emptying your trash bin is a fairly easy task. But there are several frequently overlooked office spaces that may require some extra cleaning effort to avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime. Some of the areas in the office that you didn’t know required professional cleaning include:

Under chairs and other furniture

The underside of your office chairs can accumulate dirt and dust due to workers frequently touching them to adjust them to sit comfortably. So, clean under chairs to prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria. It is also important to clean the underside of tables, couches, and other pieces of furniture using a clean cloth and a vacuum.

Lights and fans

The exterior casing of fluorescent lights used in offices like shades and covers can accumulate dirt. Cleaning them can make the room lively and have a beneficial impact on motivation and productivity. Ceiling fans are also often neglected due to the difficulty of reaching them. This can cause dust to accumulate and even spread when the fan is rotating.

Computers and keyboards

Computers are nearly a standard in today’s workplaces. They are regularly used for a wide range of complex and simple tasks. The keyboard and screen of computers get easily smudged due to sweat, skin oils, and food particles, causing dust to accumulate on them. The accumulation of dust can cause the system to malfunction.

Kitchen Appliances

More maintenance is required for kitchen appliances like the microwave, which is used daily. These appliances may become crusty due to food splatters. Similarly, the tea kettle and coffee pot should be cleaned daily to prevent the build-up of limescale.

Vents and ducts

Frequent cleaning of vents and ducts is necessary to ensure the quality of air in your workspace. It is always better to clean them during weekends or holidays as the process can become a bit noisy, impairing the concentration of your employees.

Places under and behind big machinery

The area around large machinery can be easily cleaned, but it is quite difficult to clean under and behind them. This can cause dust to accumulate, and sometimes insects and pests can also make their home here. Clean these places at least weekly to avoid dust and associated allergies.

High-touch surfaces

People in your office will be frequently touching surfaces like stair rails, door knobs, chair arms, cupboard doors, kitchen surfaces, telephones, and light switches. Due to constant touching, these surfaces can pick up and spread bacteria, viruses, and diseases.

There are plenty of other neglected spaces that require thorough cleaning. Some of these places include:

  • exterior walls
  • cornices and baseboards
  • curtains, blinds, and shades

It is important to clean every nook and cranny of your office. Make a checklist to ensure that your professional cleaner cleans all these spots.

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