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Winter Office Cleaning: 5 Reasons Every Company Needs It

Winter, while it can be a beautiful season, it can be a disruptive one too, bringing a chill that welcomes colds and flus, and the mess of ice and snow. Professional winter office cleaning is critical to maintaining your company image, the health of your employees, and your overall company success.

Your Cleaning Company Saves Your Floors and Your Reputation

The City of Winnipeg dumped a combined 87 million kilograms of sand and salt during the 2015 winter season. All that slush, water, snow and chemicals have to go somewhere. Consequently, we find it underneath our cars, the soles of our shoes, and in every building we visit.

  • Salt Ruins Your Floors – Sand, rock salt and snow melting chemicals tracked in foot traffic scratches hard surfaces, and wears away floor polish. Underneath desks and tables over time, these products are mashed into carpeting all winter long. These corrosive substances cause stains and wear away carpeting, which leads to replacement far sooner than would be necessary with regular cleaning.
  • Salt Ruins Your Image – All the winter maintenance products cling to shoes and boots during the cold winter months and it all gets tracked throughout your office. The mess shows up on wood, tile, carpeted surfaces and marble, and looks dirty and unprofessional. Having regular service from cleaning company ensures that the floors in your office space are mopped and shampooed to protect your professional image.

Winter Office Cleaning Maintains Health and Safety

During the winter months, germs and allergens circulate more heavily. More frequent cleaning and disinfection in the winter is absolutely necessary to avoid negatively impacting employee health, safety, and productivity.

  • Professional cleaning controls germs – According to the US Center for Disease Control, most germs can remain on a surface up to 48 hours after someone’s come in contact with it. Disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and common areas more frequently in winter keeps employees and visitors healthy, and keeps viruses and colds from spreading like wildfire through the office.
  • Winter service controls allergens – During the winter, when heating systems are running high and fresh air circulation is minimal, stagnant air, and the allergens in dust can make your employees symptomatic, sluggish and sick. Cleaning company visits help maintain your office’s overall health by keeping dust and allergens in check with regular vacuuming and dusting.

Your Cleaning Company Boosts Morale

The visual condition of an environment sets the tone for the day, so an office space that looks and feels clean works wonders for maintaining a professional reputation and employee wellness during the workday.

  • Clean work areas create a positive outlook – A cleaning company will wash windows to brighten the room, remove trash to control germs and odors, detail coffee areas, sanitize the restroom facilities, and polish up a sloppy copy room. All these things help make a work area more pleasant to work in, which helps shake negativity that can show up during the dark winter months.
  • Timely maintenance energizes the environment – When a company takes pride in the workspace, employees recognize the work space value too. An upbeat work environment starts with a clean area that everyone takes pride in maintaining year-round.

Professional Cleaning Improves Productivity

More often, employers are recognizing the value of a well-kept space, and the impact a space has on their employer reputation and employee loyalty.

  • A clean work space improves concentration – In a recent study on cleanliness, 88% of study participants reported greater concentration and productivity when their work environment was kept clean and neat. When the winter mess threatens the efficiency of the office, the support of winter office cleaning can help keep it under control.
  • Clean environments reduce stress – Employees experience a greater sense of calm when they enter a space that’s been maintained. In a dirty office, many employees experience stress, especially in response to mess left behind by others, or the employer’s failure to maintain a healthy work environment. When an employee feels valued and respected, that appreciation is returned in employee loyalty. Show your employees the love, and keep the office space clean.

Winter Office Cleaning Saves Time and Money During the Holidays

Changing employee schedules and the chaos of holidays and year-end projects creates more drama than employers may think.

The holiday rush means increased responsibilities – The winter months bring a bustle of holiday parties, gift giving, special events, and year-end projects. Because employees still need to do their regularly scheduled jobs, on top of managing the other holiday details, they don’t have time to tend to the office space appearance. A cleaning company keeps the office looking its best for parties, holiday visitors and special events, when your employee workloads increase.