Post Construction Cleaning Services

When it’s time for your post construction clean up, look to eshine Cleaning Services to take care of the final touches. We provide the thorough and detailed clean up that is required after construction has been completed.

Post Construction Clean Up Requires Detail and Care

Let’s face it, you’re an expert builder – not an expert cleaner. Post Construction Cleaning is more than removing leftover drywall and sweeping up some saw dust. You put a lot of time, effort and care into your building project, so why not allow the same for cleaning once construction is complete?

At eshine, we pay extra special attention to the smallest details ensuring both precision and safety for your construction or renovation clean up.

We Approach Cleaning with Precision in Mind

Our staff is fully trained and prepared to follow strict cleaning processes and are meticulous in their approach to cleaning up your project site. We can guarantee that your customer is completely satisfied. Their new office, addition, home or condo will be in immaculate condition and move in ready.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 benefits of hiring post construction cleaning company:


Just like the building process, the process of cleaning up after a construction job requires a high degree of professionalism. Your crew has worked long and hard to complete your project, but for a post construction cleaning company, the job is just starting. This means, they will not be rushing to get the job over with. They will approach the job with fresh eyes and leave your building in sparkling condition.

Professional Cleaning Supplies

Professional grade cleaning requires professional grade cleaning supplies. These are high-quality products that will leave your building looking immaculate from top to bottom. A professional cleaning company is also aware of what products to use for different surfaces, ensuring there is not damage left.

Save Time

Your time is money. The time it takes you to clean your project the right was cannot be compared to that of a company with years of experience. Not only that, but a cleaning company would provide the appropriate tools and chemicals, meaning you wouldn’t have to spend the time shopping for them.

Cleaning Standards

You have standards, we have standards, and so does the City/Province. Understanding the details and specific requirements of a post construction clean up is just as much a part of our job as the clean up itself. We’ll make it look pretty and do it the right way.


There are many different materials that are used during the process of construction. Some of these materials become airborne and have the potential to create a respiratory hazard to those that are exposed to it. Proper cleaning and removal of such hazards is part of our process.

Let us handle the clean up. Contact us for your free quote today!

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