Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Winnipeg

In any quality restaurant, the kitchen is where the magic happens. These businesses are centred around the food they prepare and the quality with which the food is prepared. This also includes the environment that the food is prepared within. A clean kitchen will not only increase food quality, it will increase motivation, efficiency and productivity.

At eshine, our commercial kitchen cleaning services are second to none and having us on board will give you the peace of mind that your kitchen is ready to go when you need it to be. We are here to work with you on a schedule that suits your needs, whether it be daily, weekly or on an on-call basis.

We offer comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning services. For more information about hood cleaning, visit out kitchen exhaust services page.

We Ensure Commercial Kitchen Health & Safety

Kitchen health and safety can literally make or break a restaurant. Even the smallest details can go unchecked and become major problems if they are not addressed. That is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to keeping your commercial kitchen in line with Manitoba’s strict health and safety regulations.

We don’t just focus on cleaning, we focus on disinfecting. A kitchen can appear clean, yet still contain many contaminates that cause sickness or worse. Cleaning and disinfecting go hand in hand to not only remove grease, residue and dirt, but also to kill potentially harmful bacteria.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services are designed specifically for businesses that want to do it the right way and succeed. We are ready to go the extra mile with everything we do to ensure your kitchens cleanliness and safety.

Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Include:

  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
  • Careful preparation of your kitchen to protect your equipment
  • Cleaning dish pits and stainless steel counters
  • Pressure washing of grease and dirt from the following:
    • Appliances
    • Range hoods
    • Walls and floors
    • Ducts
    • Fans
    • Filters
    • Metal racks
    • Trash containers
  • Wet vacuuming of all waste water

Don’t Leave it to Chance

Like many jobs, commercial kitchen cleaning is often done in-house by staff at the end of a shift. The problem is that staff are often exhausted at the end of a long, grueling shift. This can result in a unmotivated and lacklustre cleaning. By bringing eshine onboard to clean your commercial kitchen, you are ensuring that the job is done right – every time.

Talk to us about how we can help you maintain your commercial kitchen. Contact eshine today for a free quote!